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My Mission & Goal

My Camera and I

I desire to take stunning photographs, capturing sunsets, and landscapes. Explore my site and you’ll find that I focus intently on birds, the places that they habitat, sunsets, and landscapes.

The World Is Waiting

Big Fox Publishing

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. As a freelance midwest photographer, author, and publisher, I know just how to catch the unique and interesting animals and places that make our world so wonderful. I am able to bring these wonders to life on camera and on paper and I have spent many years photographing nature. Check out what I’ve done, where I’ve been, and what I’ve photographed. You can buy a print or buy a book.

Past Work in Publishing


I've been in the publishing field since 2006. If you go to and type in my name "Deb Schense" you will see a complete list of books that come up of my work or work for others. Listed below are just a few of the books I have worked on. More to come...

Decorative Czech Folk Art Front Cover 11
Baroque 1 of 4-sm.jpg
The Circular Patterns Coloring book-sm.j

The Coloring Book of

Circular Patterns

Baroque 2 of 4-sm.jpg
Beyond Promises Cover-sm.jpg
Leaving Cuba-sm.jpg

Leaving Cuba: One Family's Journey

to Freedom

Wherever I Choose Cover-sm.jpg

Wherever I Choose:

An Unauthorized


(comedic memoir)

Instant Messaging Cover-sm.jpg

Partial list of books by other authors

that I have assisted with in publishing:


Amana The Community of True Inspiration

Augusta's Daughter

Barns Around Iowa

Beyond Promises

British Tea and More

Buffets and Potlucks

Canadian Cuisine: Recipes and Sites

Christmas in the Midwest

Czech and Slovak Wit and Wisdom

Czech Proverbs

Czech Touches

Danish Touches

Decorative Czech Folk Art:

   The Artistry of Marjorie Nejdl

Fine Finnish Foods

Finding My Way

Finnish Proverbs

Finnish Short Stories

Fire in the Bowl: Favorite Chili Recipes and More

French Recipes

From Country to Country: An Agricultural

   Ambassador Abroad

German Touches: Recipes and Traditions

Healthy Recipes

How to Be Happy

Hungarian Recipes

Iowa Pastel Landscapes

Irish Touches Recipes and Traditions

Italian Touches: Recipes and Traditions


Continued List:


Kajsa: Augusta's Granddaughter (Sequel)

Labradoodle Love Affair

License to Cook Colorado Style

License to Cook Florida Style

Marlys Hammer: Painting in the Telemark Style

  Using Oils and Acrylics

Marlys Hammer's Telemark Rosemaling Coloring Book

Meshing Threshing with Corporate and World

   Adventure: A Memoir

Moonlight on the Mississippi

Moravia: Gem of the Czech Republic

My Boys: Summer on a Swedish Island

My Story: Inkeri's Journey

Norwegian Folk Tales of Anthon and Gurina Johnson

Norwegian Proverbs

Pictures and People: A Search for Visual Truth and

   Social Justice

Slovak Recipes

Stockholm Series (Five volumes)

Swedish Portraits: Five Short Stories

The Bridge

The Little Book of Big Laughs

The Magic Music Shop

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils and 

   The Further Adventures of Nils Holgersson

Three Stores: Scandinavian Kings and Queens

Voyage of the TradeWind


and more... (type in "Deb Schense" on




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