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Extended Vacation

Home Never Looked So Good 

Retail $10.89 (Paperback) $6.99 (Ebook) Kindle and Nook


     Extended Vacation: Home Never Looked So Good is a comedy about an antagonistic Granny, who convinces her frugal Midwestern son-in-law and family to take her on a driving vacation to Mexico. Once there, the family van gets stolen with everything in it, including Granny. Now, the border patrol won't let them cross the border, until they can account for the missing van and Granny.

     Will Granny show up before the money runs out? All the hotels are booked solid with a toilet paper convention. Where will they stay? Let the comedy begin!

223 pages, 6x9" Paperback. B/w interior with color cover.

    Also available on Kindle (Amazon) and Nook (Barnes and Noble).

The wait is over. Extended Vacation is here! Thrilling drama, comedy, and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster.

Mary Sharp, retired newspaper editor

Comedic in the extreme, Extended Vacation is a definite page-flipper. Laugh a minute!

Jeff Schense, Lab Supervisor


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