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I love writing books. I've written fiction and non-fiction. Fiction is fun because you can decide who the characters are going to be, how they will act, and what they will do. However, it reminds me of the Sims game, where you must remember where you left off with your characters and what they have done and where they are going. Check back frequently and see what else is fresh off the press. Thanks for looking!

Extended Vacation:
   Home Never Looked So Good
Retail $10.89 (paperback) ISBN-13: 978-1489570765
Ebooks $6.99 Kindle and Nook available


Extended Vacation: Home Never Looked So Good is a comedy about an antagonistic Granny, who convinces her frugal Midwestern son-in-law and family to take her on a driving vacation to Mexico. Once there, the family van gets stolen with everything in it, including Granny. Now, the border patrol won't let them cross the border, until they can account for the missing van and Granny. Will Granny show up before the money runs out? All the hotels are booked solid with a toilet paper convention. Where will they stay? Let the comedy begin!

222 pages, 6x9" Paperback. B/w interior with color cover.

Extended Vacation Book Trailer:


The Adventures of Molly Sue and Buster Too:
  A Trip to the Vet

Retail $10.99 ISBN-13: 9781466433434 Ebook $3.99

Molly Sue and Buster go on an adventure to the veterinarian's office. What will they find? What kind of trouble will they get into? Written based on the life of the author's dogs. Come join us on their journey. Ages 0-8. 8x10" 36 pages. Paperback. Color interior and cover.

Eastern Iowa's Historic Barns and Other Farm Structures:
  Including the Amana Colonies
Retail $19.89 IS​BN-13: 9781430302735

Originally there were approximately 200,000 barns built in Iowa.  Now it is estimated that only 60,000 barns remain, with another 1,000 or more barns disappearing from Iowa’s landscape annually.  This book preserves in print Eastern Iowa's historic barns built from 1839 to 1955 with over 250 photographs from the author's research, the first ever Amana Colonies barn tour, the Johnson County Historical Society barn tour, and the Iowa Barn Foundation’s annual barn tour.  Eight Iowa counties and twenty rural cities are covered.

Former president Hoover lived as a youth five miles from one of the featured octagonal barns when it was built in 1883.  This barn’s aesthetic beauty is so inspiring that people from other countries come to visit this barn each year to see the unusual bell shaped roof, a suspended staircase, a railway car, and laminated interior ribs.  It may be the only barn built with a bell shaped roof and is thought to be the oldest surviving barn built of its kind in the U. S.

215 pages, Paperback, 8 1/2" x 11" This is the black and white interior version shown above. There is also a color interior version available for $39.89 ISBN-13: 9781430302742 

Click here to purchase the color version.

Instant Messaging with Heaven
Retail $11.99 ISBN-13: 9781493700066 Ebook: $5.99


Instant Messaging with Heaven is a non-fiction book that teaches you about communicating with heaven and how to receive an instant answer. What questions would you ask that pertain to your life? Now you can get answers from above.

Instant Messaging with Heaven informs you of who you can contact in heaven for help, what they can do for you, and how to practice your newfound gift of communicating with the other side. Instant Messaging with Heaven also teaches you how to test your new skills.

There is also a short section on how to heal mild pain or a headache through communication, healing hands, and help from heaven.

Lastly, the author has included a section on what it is like to almost die, and also photographs of a principality angel, cherubic angel, many spirit guides, orbs, and more in full color.

Instant Messaging with Heaven is a powerful tool that will change your life forever.  Are you ready?

101 Money Saving Secrets:
   Plus Tips They Don't Want You to Know!
Retail $0.99  (No ISBN) Ebook only (Available on Kindle and Nook)

With the rising costs of living, we need some way to stretch our hard earned dollars. "101 Money Saving Secrets" can save you thousands of dollars each year. Did you know you can save $100 a year per person in your family, just by switching toilet paper brands?     


"101 Money Saving Secrets" will also give you tips on where to find cost saving bargains on everything from gas, computers, electronics, office furniture, clothing, insulation tips, groceries, your cable bill, energy saving ideas, an inexpensive but healthy breakfast recipe, a laundry detergent recipe, as well as recipes for homemade weed and bug killers.     


"101 Money Saving Secrets" also lists many websites for making your own solar panel and food dehydrator to saving for college, freebies, grocery coupons, electronics, apparel, shoes, travel, pet supplies, home and garden supplies, luggage, office supplies, and much, much, more!     


You can’t afford not to buy this book!


The Stunning Sunsets of Door County
Retail $12.99


A few years ago, we decided to take a chance on Door County and fell in love with the area. The pace of life was much slower. Nature’s blessings abounded everywhere in the open expanses of water, forests, and hills. The boats, sailboats, yachts, lighthouses, wildlife, and landscapes drew us in. We loved visiting there. 
Each day just before sunset, the world stopped. Friends and family found a bench or a westward view and people took the time to watch the kaleidoscope of colors that unfolded in the sunset. Once the sun had spent its glory, and the glow had disappeared as it sunk below the horizon, people wandered ever so slowly back to their vehicles, houses, or accommodations and settled in for the evening. The world began to turn again. 
My family and I love the sunsets and wanted to share them with the rest of the world, so I decided to write a book about the sunsets of Door County, Wisconsin in the Midwestern United States.

Decorative Czech Folk Art Front Cover 11
Decorative Czech Folk Art:
   The Artistry of Marjorie Nejdl
Retail $12.99


Marj is nationally known for her batik (wax resist) Czech egg decorating. In this book, Marj shares more than forty images of vibrant and colorful eggshells as well as a basic "how to" section. Distinguished as a Master Czech Folk Artist, Marj paints folk art motifs, or recurrent ideas, images, and symbols on everything from cookbooks, programs, and posters, to fabric, glass, ceramic, and wood. She also illustrates Czech literature. Her artistry on these other mediums is also presented in this book. Published by Big Fox Publishing

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